The Problem

Since the passage of the Clean Water Act over 30 years ago, the United States has spent trillions of dollars in trying to deal with our liquid wastes. The combined volume produced by our activities is variously estimated in trillions of gallons per year. And our waters continue to deteriorate.

In 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its Water Quality Conditions in the United States report, which found that 39% of the United States’ river miles, 45% of our fresh water lakes and 51% of our estuaries are considered “polluted”. The EPA has identified agricultural runoff in the form of nitrogen, phosphorous, pathogens and sediment as a major contributor to this pollution and the destruction of fragile ecosystems. The sources of water pollution are the same throughout the world. Too many people and animals produce liquid wastes that are sent into the same water we drink and use to grow our food.

The single largest category of pollutants is nutrients from organic wastes (e.g. human, livestock, food processing).  Population growth, tighter government budgets, aging infrastructure, additional state and federal regulations, and increasingly concentrated food production are overwhelming traditional approaches to treatment.

ElectroCell Bio-Electric Treatment: A Game-Changing Solution

ElectroCell’s patented Bio-Electric Waste Treatment System is a technology that has the potential to remedy many of these problems before they happen.

All forms of organic waste treatment ultimately rely on microbiology. In the multi-million dollar municipal water treatment plant, or in the soil biology of a farm field, microbes do the work of recycling complex organic molecules back into the environment.  When these microbial systems are overwhelmed or bypassed, excessive organic pollutants find their way into our water systems. The result is massive algae blooms and “dead zones” in The Great Lakes, The Chesapeake Bay, The Gulf of Mexico and hundreds of other waterways.

ElectroCell’s Bio-Electric technology is reshaping liquid waste treatment in a wide range of industries. In mature industries, our system is added to traditional infrastructure to improve performance, capacity and efficiency. In other industries, where cost and logistical constraints have historically prevented effective waste treatment, ElectroCell’s efficiency and portability are creating new opportunities to handle waste responsibly.


Every year farm runoff and industrial effluent saturate the Chesapeake Bay with nitrogen and phosphorous, creating algae blooms like this one, killing up to 40% of the Bay.

The ElectroCell Bio-Electric Treatment System can help!


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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and several independent, certified laboratories have confirmed the positive results of ElectroCell liquid waste treatments. 

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