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Pretreatment of industrial waste streams with ElectroCell technology’s can cost-effectively reduce Biological Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solids, nutrients, pathogens and nuisance odors. 

ElectroCell Technologies is providing farmers with the first practical solution to profitably treating and improving livestock manure. Bio-Electric treatment transforms liquid manure into odor-reduced, nutrient-reduced, biologically active fertilizer. 


ElectroCell Technologies’ patented Bio-Electric treatment system represents a new approach to treating liquid organic wastes. The patented system uses precisely managed electrical pulses to rupture organic cells and break down liquid waste faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

Our technology can be added to existing waste treatment infrastructures to improve performance, capacity and efficiency. It can also treat a wide variety of liquid wastes independently. It is simple and inexpensive.

The ElectroCell Bio-Electric System connects to a wastewater source whether it’s a treatment plant, an industrial facility, or a livestock operation. Waste liquid is pumped through a patented system of reactor tubes, where a precisely shaped electrical pulse flows across the liquid between electrodes. The calibrated electrical charge ruptures the walls of organic cells, destroying pathogens and dramatically altering and improving the composition of the liquid waste.



Liquid Waste Treatment System.



The biology of change.

ElectroCell technology stabilizes biosolids independently or in conjunction with traditional digestion methods. The system also enhances existing nitrogen and phosphorous removal systems.

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